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We have access to virtually any technical requirements, codes and norms related to Import and Export, Construction, Oil and Gas, Operation, Railway, Safety, Environment Protection and other activities. An example would be O'z DSt, KMK, ShNK, GOST, SNiP, PPB, NPB, SanPiN, TR TS, SP 13330, SP 13130, and many more. 
We have a complete set of requirements for Import and Export of Food, Equipment, Machinery, vehicles, Trucks and other Products to Uzbekistan and the Customs Union (Kazakhstan, Belarus, and Russia).
Moreover we provide Laws, Decrees, Resolutions, Rules and Legal Letters and Instructions issued by the Uzbekistan Federal government, Parliament, regional agencies and other bodies.  

Below is a list of some codes that we have in English.
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O'z DSt 1066:2005 .. Offset paper for printing. Specification
O'z DSt 1067:2005 .. Enamel-paper. Specification
O'z DSt 1068:2005 .. Paper for covers. Specification
O'z DSt 1069:2005 .. Paper for pastedowns. Specification
O'z DSt 1070:2005 .. Newspapers. Sizes
O'z DSt 1071:2005 .. Covers and cover binding. Types
O'z DSt 1073:2005 .. Fodder - concentrates for cattle. Specification
O'z DSt 1074:2005 .. Fodder - concentrates for sheep. Specification
O'z DSt 1075:2005 .. Fodder - concentrates for pigs. Specification
O'z DSt 1076:2005 .. Grains fodder. Specification
O'z DSt 1077:2005 .. Paper for newspapers. Specification
O'z DSt 1078:2005 .. Publication of the book and magazine formats
O'z DSt 1079:2005 .. Cardboard for binding. Specification
O'z DSt 1080:2005 .. Raw cotton seed and cotton seed for sowing. Sampling methods
O'z DSt 1081:2011 .. Automotive vehicles in service, converted to run on liquefied petroleum gas. General Specification and test methods
O'z DSt 1082:2011 .. Automotive vehicles in service, converted to run on compressed natural gas. General Specification and test methods
O'z DSt 1083:2011 .. Milk for drinking. Specification
O'z DSt 1084:2011 .. Sour cream. Specification
O'z DSt 1085:2011 .. Diet cottage cheese and products based on it. Specification
O'z DSt 1086:2011 .. Kefir. Specification
O'z DSt 1087:2005 .. Fabrics, glued, for gaskets. General Specification
O'z DSt 1088:2005 .. Printing Gauze of cotton-polyester. Specification
O'z DSt 1089:2005 .. Binding material with starch and kaolin coating. Specification
O'z DSt 1090:2005 .. Polyvinyl acetate homopolymer, coarse dispersion. Specification
O'z DSt 1091:2011 .. Iodized salt. Specification
O'z DSt 1092:2009 .. Information technology. Cryptographic protection of information. The processes of generation and verification of electronic digital signature
O'z DSt 1093:2005 .. Antennas for receiving television and sound broadcasting in the bandwidth ranges of VHF and UHF. General technical requirements
O'z DSt 1094:2005 .. Devices adding the signals of several transmitters of TV and radio in the ranges VHF and UHF. Main settings. Technical requirements. Methods of measurement
O'z DSt 1095:2006 .. Premixes. Methods for determination of B vitamins Specification
O'z DSt 1096:2005 .. Systems of stereophonic radio broadcasting. Main parameters. Measuring method GOST 18633-80 ceases to have effect on the territory of Uzbekistan
O'z DSt 1098:2011 .. Vitamin-mineral mix for fortification of wheat baking flour. General Specification
O'z DSt 1099:2006 .. Mail bags. Specification
O'z DSt 11.0:2010 .. State system for environmental certification of Uzbekistan. The main provisions
O'z DSt 11.1:2005 .. State system for environmental certification of Uzbekistan. Terms of ecological certification of products
O'z DSt 11.2:2005 .. State system for environmental certification of Uzbekistan. Terms of environmental certification of waste
O'z DSt 11.3:2010 .. State system for environmental certification of Uzbekistan. Terms and Definitions
O'z DSt 11.4.0:2010 ..  The system of Environmental certification of Uzbekistan. The criteria for environmentally friendly products and waste subject to mandatory environmental certification. The main provisions
O'z DSt 1100:2006 .. Twine postal. Specification
O'z DSt 1101:2005 .. Compatibility of radio-electronic equipment. Requirements for the bandwidth of radio frequencies and transmitters band emissions. Methods of measurement and control
O'z DSt 1102:2011 .. Digital cellular communication system with time division multiple frequency (GSM). Subscriber station. General technical requirements and methods of control
O'z DSt 1103:2011 .. Digital cellular communication system with code division multiple access (CDMA2000 1X). Subscriber station. General technical requirements and methods of control
O'z DSt 1104:2011 .. Wheat Flour of the first grade, enriched with vitamin-mineral mixture. Specification
O'z DSt 1105:2009 .. Information technology. Cryptographic protection of information. The data encryption algorithm
O'z DSt 1106:2009 .. Information technology. Cryptographic protection of information. Hashing function
O'z DSt 1107:2006 .. Mailing boxes. Specification
O'z DSt 1108:2011 .. Information technology. Open Systems Interconnection. The structure of the public key certificate and attribute certificate
O'z DSt 1109:2013 .. Information technology. Cryptographic protection of information. Terms and Definitions
O'z DSt 1110:2006 .. Genetics, breeding, seed studies, seed keeping and the production of sowing cotton materials. Terms and Definitions
O'z DSt 1111:2006 .. Paper. Dashed method for determination of the degree of sizing
O'z DSt 1112:2006 .. Paper. Methods for determining the weight of the paper at area of 1m2, thickness and density
O'z DSt 1113:2006 .. Semi-finished fiber. Paper and paperboard. Methods for determination of tensile strength and tensile elongation
O'z DSt 1114:2006 .. Paper. Method for determination of printability
O'z DSt 1115:2012 .. Uzbek flat cakes. General Specification
O'z DSt 1116:2012 .. Bread made from a mixture of rye and wheat flour. Specification
O'z DSt 1117:2007 .. Fuel for aviation gas turbine engines Jet A-1. Specification

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