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O'z DSt 1032:2010 Compatibility of radio-electronic equipment. Radio interference from industry. Methods of test for radio-interference sources UZBE76370
O'z DSt 1186:2008 Compatibility of radio-electronic equipment. Radio disturbance from automotive tools, motor boats and equipment with internal combustion engines. Limits and test methods UZBE76522
O'z DSt 1189:2008 Compatibility of radio-electronic equipment. Resistance of information technology equipment against electromagnetic interference. Requirements and test methods (CISPR 24, NEQ) UZBE76525
O'z DSt 1206:2009 Compatibility of radio-electronic equipment. Radio broadcast receivers, televisions and related equipment. Immunity characteristics. Limits and methods of measurement UZBE76552
O'z DSt 1207:2009 Compatibility of radio-electronic equipment. Resistance to supply voltage fluctuations. Requirements and test methods (IEC 61000-4-14, NEQ) UZBE76553
O'z DSt 1220:2009 Equipment for radio monitoring stations. Classification. General technical requirements. Methods of testing UZBE76568
O'z DSt 2447:2012 Compatibility of radio-electronic equipment. Radio communication equipment. Requirements for short-range devices operating on frequencies between 9kHz to 40GHz. Requirements and test methods UZBE76791
O'z DSt 2821:2014 Compatibility of radio-electronic equipment. Resistance to radio frequency electromagnetic field. Requirements and test methods UZBE77042
O'z DSt 915-98 Rules for testing of products UZBE78920
O'z DSt IEC 61000-4-34:2011 Compatibility of radio-electronic equipment. Resistance to dips, short interruptions and voltage variations of power supply for equipment with current of more than 16A per phase. Requirements and test methods (IEC 61000-4-34: 2009, MOD) UZBE78997
O'z DSt 2906:2014 Resistance of coatings to chemical etching and deformation. Test methods. UZBE209729
O'z DSt 2908:2014 The procedure for determining the resistance to staining under the influence of sulfide dioxide SO2 and hydrogen sulfate H2S in coated materials resistant to abrasion. UZBE209731
O'z DSt 2909:2014 Test of adhesive strength of outer coating of parts using a tape. UZBE209732
O'z DSt 2915:2014 The procedures for the repair of SMC. UZBE209735
O'z DSt 2919:2014 Requirements for documentation of supplied paints and sealants. UZBE209738
O'z DSt 2920:2014 Surface treatment of plastic parts with an open flame. UZBE209739
O'z DSt 2921:2014 Heat resistance of external materials and components of an automobile. UZBE209740
O'z DSt 2922:2015 Resistance repellents and sunscreens. UZBE209741
O'z DSt 2923:2014 Adhesion of organic coatings after soaking in warm water. UZBE209742
O'z DSt 2924:2014 Automotive cycles in the environment. UZBE209743
O'z DSt 2925:2015 Chemical resistance to liquids. UZBE209744
O'z DSt 2926:2015 Test of resistance of the surface coating to chipping. UZBE209745
O'z DSt 2930:2015 Standard test method for evaluating the degree of paint for coloring surfaces UZBE209746
O'z DSt 2931:2015 The standard procedure for conditioning of tested plastics UZBE209747
O'z DSt 2932:2015 Resistance of coatings to stone impacts UZBE209748
O'z DSt 2933:2015 Conditioning and work with non-metallic materials for testing by exposure to natural and artificial external environmental effects UZBE209749
O'z DSt 2935:2015 Standard test method for determining the degree of coverage with paint bubbles UZBE209751
O'z DSt 2940:2015 Determination of resistance to impact of plastic parts UZBE209754
O'z DSt 2941:2015 Bending test on the piston rod of suspended rest (flat suspension piston rod) UZBE209755
O'z DSt 2942:2015 Testing of neutral salt spreader UZBE209756
O'z DSt 2943:2015 Exposure of non-metallic materials in accelerated test equipment, employing laboratory light sources UZBE209757
O'z DSt 2944:2015 Tests for thermal stability and adhesion of paint coating UZBE209758
O'z DSt 2945:2015 Standard test method using load and displacement sensors for plastics puncture at high speed UZBE209759
O'z DSt 2951:2015 Standard procedure for use of xenon - arc lamps for light exposure of nonmetallic materials UZBE209764
O'z DSt 2952:2015 Method of accelerated test for resistance to copper-salty mist UZBE209765
O'z DSt 2953:2015 Visual assessment of the car coating UZBE209766
O'z DSt 2954:2015 Multi-axis shock test UZBE209767
O'z DSt 2955:2015 Determination of resistance to growth of molds UZBE209768
O'z DSt 2956:2015 Accelerated exposure of interior finishing vehicle components using controlled radiation of xenon-arc device UZBE209769
O'z DSt 2957:2015 Artificial aging of car interior finishing materials UZBE209770
O'z DSt 2958:2015 Dashboard and evaluation of component strength UZBE209771
O'z DSt 2965:2015 Test method to determine the color strength of the artificial colors UZBE209773
O'z DSt 2966:2015 Resistance to scratches and damage UZBE209774
O'z DSt 2967:2015 Determination of the compatibility of different materials with each other UZBE209775
O'z DSt 2968:2015 Color retention under conditions of artificial aging UZBE209776
O'z DSt 2969:2015 Standard test method for measuring the gloss UZBE209777
O'z DSt 2974:2015 Test method for determining the stability of internal materials to the release of odor UZBE209780
O'z DSt 2998:2015 Standard Test Method for density, specific gravity, API gravity using the digital density meter UZBE209794
O'z DSt 3000:2015 Guidance for carrying out tests on the surface of the vehicles. Protocol of verification of performance of the new test apparatus to power up xenon arc lamps. UZBE209795
O'z DSt 3013:2015 Test method for conformity of plastic materials, fabrics, hardboard, wood and so on. UZBE209801
O'z DSt 3014:2015 Test methods to determine the evaporation properties of car interior materials UZBE209802
TSt 45-060:2006 Equipment for IP packet routing. General technical requirements and test methods UZBE83426

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